About us

The property is located at the main entrance of the Queen’s Palace, the historic center of the Merina royalty in Madagascar. In 2016 Priscillia renovated the house, which was in a dilapidated state, and laid out the garden. Today it has a furnished apartment with two bedrooms under the roof, three furnished studios with large verandah upstairs and a Reiki lounge on the ground floor, as well as a landscaped garden with a hundred of different medicinal plants. You will also enjoy an incomparable panoramic view of the Queen’s Palace, the Prime Minister’s Palace and the surrounding hills of all the apartments.

Pets are not allowed. All the rooms of the apartments, including the bathrooms, are strictly non-smoking, even next to open windows. To smoke, you are asked to go out either on the terraces of the apartment under roof, on the veranda of the Studios, or in the garden, where you will find ashtrays.

You can freely welcome visitors during the day. However, if these are numerous (more than 4 people), we ask you to inform us for the comfort of other guests. Any visit of minors under the age of 18 years, who are not accompanied by their parents, is prohibited.

Access and Taxi

Secret Garden is located 15 meters from the main entrance of the Queen’s Palace (Rova Manjakamiadana) and thus very easy to find (see map). Have yourself taken to the main entrance of the Queen’s Palace. From there you walk only 15 meters on the small pedestrian alley on your left (looking at the palace), and you are directly in front of the gate of Secret Garden.
All the drivers and taxis of Antananarivo know the Queen’s Palace. The taxi ride from the airport can take between 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the traffic, and costs 50 – 65’000.- Ariary. The taxi ride down town with restaurants, banks etc, lasts about 10 min and costs about 20’000.- Ar
If necessary, Secret Garden can provide you with taxi contacts in the city or at the airport.

Reception and Keys

Depending on the time of arrival,
you will be welcomed by the
manager, the housekeeper or the
guardian, who will show you the apartments and hand you the keys. In case of arrival at night and with prior reservation, the guardian can wait for you in front of the Gate of the Queen’s Palace to help you with the luggage.

Breakfast, kitchen, meal

The price of the apartments is without breakfast. On reservation, we can prepare a breakfast for you (Extra 7.- Euro).
The furnished apartment has a fully equipped kitchen (fridge, gas hob, electric oven) or you can prepare your own meals.
The three furnished studios have access to a common kitchen on the ground floor, fully equipped (Fridge, gas hotplates, electric oven) or you can prepare your own meals. Each apartment and studio has a Nespresso machine and a Mini-fridge.
Particular attention is required to gas. Before you cook, you must open the gas bottle under the sink, and after cooking it must be closed again. Care must also be taken not to have gas guns open without lighting the flame.
For your lunch and dinner, you have several restaurants within a 5-minute walk: Lokanga, Rova’s Grill, and Pizzeria chez Lorenzo. In the districts of Antaninarenina and Isoraka (10 minutes by taxi) you will find all types of restaurants, bar, entertainment and services (banks, post office).

Electricity sockets and light

The house is equipped with differential circuit breakers in European standards, which prevents any risk for users, and an anti-break system with autonomy of several hours.
The power supply in the public sector, which is sometimes failing in Antananarivo, is 220V. However, there may be phases of undervoltage, peaks of over-voltage during thunderstorms and short- duration. We are not responsible for any damage to your personal electronic equipment and we advise you not to leave computers and chargers connected during thunderstorms.
In case of power supply failure, the anti-shock system automatically feeds the lights and some specially marked outlets for several hours. The other outlets are not powered. You must not use appliances that consume a lot of current (Nespresso machine, heating) on the outlets of the anti-shock system (marked ‘prise sécurisé). Pressure pumps for running water also do not work during power cuts.
The specific case may arise, especially during and after storms, that the public current is not cut off but under strong tension. In this case, circuit breakers can be tripped, without the anti-shedding system starting. You have torches in the rooms and you must check the box of the circuit breakers. If the main circuit breaker per apartment is tripped, you must first trip all of the sub-breakers, then reset the main circuit breaker, and then reset the sub-breakers one after the other. If this happens again, call the Guardian and temporarily turn off the power at the count next to the gate. The anti- breaking system will then supply the house with a stable current.


The water supply comes from the public network and it is advisable not to drink tap water, but it can be used without problem to cook. For temporary public water cut-offs, the house has a reserve tank of 2000 L.
The running water in the apartments is pumped by over-pressers, which do not operate during power cuts. If you see a low flow in faucets or showers, it is probably a filter clogged with particulate matter in public water. Please call the Guardian, who can clean the filters in question.

4G Connection

The apartments have 4G WIFI access. The password is (tfpfyklk). The connection can be disconnected during thunderstorms.


Each apartment has a safe. It is advisable to leave all valuables, including laptops, in the safe if you leave the apartment. The owner declines all responsibility for stolen objects.
To install your personal code, press the red button inside the door and the yellow led will light outside the door. Then you have 30 seconds to enter your code (3-8 digits) and press button A or B. Do not forget your code. Try first to close and reopen the safe when it is still empty.

To open the safe, press your code and press A or B, then the green LED lights up for 5 seconds to turn the knob and open the door. If the code is incorrect, the yellow LED flashes. To close the trunk simply close the door and turn the knob and the door is locked.
When checking-out, please leave the trunk door open.


During your stay, the apartments will be cleaned and the linen (bedding, towels) will be changed once a week. Final cleaning after departure is subject to charges.

Ventilation, Heating and Fireplace

Antananarivo is located at an altitude of 1400 m asl and in general the nights are rather temperate or cool. This is all the more the case that Secret Garden is on an exposed and ventilated place.
The apartments do not have air conditioners but fans are at your disposal for the few warm nights (November-December). All beds are equipped with mosquito nets.
During the cool nights (June, July, August), electric heaters are at your disposal. Please do not connect the electric heaters to the outlets of the anti-shock system (marked ‘prise sécurisé).

Garden & Reiki salon

The garden is a common area for the 4 apartments. There are several tables at your disposal, especially under the veranda and under the pergola.

If you wish to benefit from a Reiki session, please contact Priscillia.

Visits and Excursions

On reservation, Secret Garden can organize city transfers or excursions for you. It has a Peugeot 403 collection car, a driver and a guide. Suggestions include: Visit to the Queen’s Palace, Visit to the Prime Minister’s Palace, Walk in the Upper Town district, City Tours, Transfers to restaurants, Visit to the Handicraft Market, Botanical Garden of Tsimbazaza and Sacred Hill of Ambohimanga.


For your safety, we advise you to close all the windows and your apartment door with the key when you leave, and to put your valuables in the safe. During the night, it is advisable to also close the metal shutters of the windows from 8 pm, while the keeper will lock the metal shutters of the main entrance door, as well as the gate. The exterior of the house and the garden, as well as the lane leading to the Main Road is illuminated throughout the night.

If you go out late or come back late, we advise you to contact the guards (phone number +261 34 16 858 37) so that they accompany you or welcome you along the main road.
In town and during walks, we advise you not to carry large sums of money or jewelry, as the pickpockets can also act during the day. Some neighborhoods are to be avoided even during the day, and walking around during the night is not advised. Travel only accompanied or by taxi